Prevue is a design presentation and feedback tool for agencies and their clients. It’s the best way to present work in the browser, and get fast feedback.

Prevue (pronounced pre¬∑view) is a cloud-based image sharing tool that enables agencies and designers to present work to their clients in private. With security, simplicity and custom branding at its core — Prevue allows public and private conversation on work in progress, and presents designs in their best light. Whether you’re a photographer, UX or UI designer, iconographer or illustrator — each image you upload can be edited and fine-tuned to look their best in any browser.

Privately owned and operated since 2008, Prevue is a secure and reliable platform trusted by over 20,000 design agencies worldwide. Run from Sydney Australia, Prevue operates on dedicated servers based in Virginia USA, and utilises the best cloud technology to ensure the highest level of performance and privacy.

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The first version of Prevue (then called “Previews”) was created in January 2008 by digital designer, Buzz Usborne. Whilst working as a freelance designer for the likes of Skype, and on behalf of large digital agencies, Buzz wasn't satisfied with the existing tools available to present his design work online… so he built a solution of his own.


In mid-2009, work began to make Prevue a web-based service, rather than the downloadable app that existed until then. In November 2009 the Prevue.it domain was officially registered alongside the backup URL, GetPrevue.com


Prevue was launched as an invite-only beta to 300 designers, and the first image was uploaded on 10th May 2010. Several long years of testing, rebuilding and launching new features followed, until October 2012 when Prevue was finally opened to the public. By the end of 2012, Prevue had over 7,000 users.


Unfortunately it wasn’t all smooth sailing — in November 2014 the service experienced several days of interrupted service as a result of a DDoS attack. Whilst no information was lost, nor any data breached, this marked the start of some significant improvements to Prevue’s underlying architecture, security and performance. And in December 2014 the entire service saw major upgrades to newer, faster and more secure servers.


To allow for continued updates and improvements to Prevue, monthly pricing was released in January 2015 in exchange for unlimited space and team features. Proving to be a great success, revenue from monthly plans was able to support continued development to infrastructure, with noticeable improvements to the app’s speed.


After 10 years of iteration, Prevue now serves as the creative platform to over 20,000 designers and agencies, sharing millions of images to clients in over 120 countries.

About Buzz

Buzz Usborne is a Digital Product Designer living in Sydney Australia, and is the sole designer and developer behind Prevue. Buzz has owned and operated Prevue since its inception in 2007… and is the voice of the Prevue blog.

Buzz has worked in senior design positions for some of the world’s foremost software companies — most significantly as UX Director at Campaign Monitor and as a Design Lead for Skype, Atlassian and Sendle. Buzz also spent a number of years working for digital agencies in London, USA and Australia — it was during this time he built the first version of Prevue, to service his own need for quick client feedback. To hear more about the origins of Prevue, listen to this interview with Buzz on Australian Design Radio.

For general Prevue enquiries and interview requests, please email buzz@prevue.it

Buzz Usborne, Founder of Prevue.
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